last appointment, laundry

snowbirding delayed is snowbirding denied

The first month of my retirement has been great.  The snowbirding part has been thwarted by my having some appointments in the El Paso area that were immoveable. 

Example:  my final dental work in Juarez needed to happen about 1.5months after the last, so that my gums could rebound after some extractions.  Then the last two permananent pieces (two bridges) can be installed.   That happens early next week.  By mid-week I should be able to (ding!) move about the country.

Probably head to the Yuma/Q-town area for a month or so.  The situation looks pretty good on the surprisingly useful Windy website.

boondocking laundry

While i was stealthing around ELP it was easy to hit the laundromat once every week or two.  But extended boondocking will make that harder.

I already use (and recommend) the Breathing Mobile plunger washer for bucket washing duties.  The business end is vented (see the pic), allowed water to pass through the clothes, up into the plunger where it is redirected back down by the cap.  This shoves way more washwater through the clothes than does a regular plunger.

Drying is easy in the desert.  The only annoying part was the hand-wringing;  it’s labor intensive and seems to be hard on the clothes.  So I started thinking about a wringer.  I’d like like a cranked roller wringer, but they tend to cost a couple hundred dollars after mounting.  There’s a sweet receiver hitch moujnt for one, but I can’t find it right now.

So I ‘m going to try out a mop bucket wringer.  I got the smaller size, a 24qt one and will do the laundry plunging in the bucket.  If it works well I’ll add it to the RVwiki article on laundry.   I had one in my camelcamelcamel watchlist for about a year but the price never hit my target.  I ordered a dinged one off Amazon Warehouse and will pick it up on my way out of ELP.