odds and ends

These are little snippets that don’t warrant their own post.  I’ll probably start talking about trivial stuff like this in twitter, instead. (right side of the page)


I had to wait for state paperwork to stabilize before my “qualifying event” showed up;  I called the 401k/457 folks and it did show up.  So I initiated the rollover of my (smaller) 401k to the (larger) 457:

We received your withdrawal request and it is being processed. As your transaction progresses we will keep you updated on the status.

Should be done around the end of the month.

Two more related events will occur in the next couple of months:

  1. get paid for unused vacation.

  2. get access to 457.



mechanical keyboard continues to impress.  Lovely clacks.


out with Tiny Tiny RSS, in with Feedly

out with WebUI-aria2, in with YAAW.  The former changed behavior and didn’t update documentation.  Serious error.

Still can’t decide what I think about the Brave browser.  It’s basically Chromium + some microcrypto stuff.  Why can’t anyone gut Chromium’s horrible search keyword autoadd crapola?  FF continues to piss me off with accidental Ctrl-Q shutdowns when reaching for Ctrl-W.

The chromebook continues to be my main squeeze;  I roll out the laptop for two things:

  • minecraft

  • calibre, since the linux container has some serious file permissions limitations


I’d been using Easytether, but it required 1-5 resets/day.  Now using thirdparty firmware on the phone with a wifi hotspot V can’t detect.