surprising solar output in full overcast

I was in Cloudcroft where it was raining and fully overcast.

This pic shows both what I call bright overcast (area in top center) and overcast (darker areas away from the top center.  [Not shown here:  dark overcast, as might be found in a thunderstorm.]

I was a little surprised to see the panels putting out 192w in these conditions, ~34% of their rated output.  8000’ of altitude and cool weather in the 50s certainly helped.

Remember that next time someone says panels put out “virtually zero” when the sun isn’t shining.  <– actual YT comment.

The phone screenshot is from the free app that connects to a wifi/bluetooth unit for the epever tracer series.  Basically anywhere the MT-50 display works the wifi or bluetooth unit will too.  Don’t remember if I talked about it before, but I bought the BT version because I repeat wifi inside the van. [The Alamogordo Public Library’s wifi at the moment.]  Didn’t want to lose wifi functionality on the device that is talking to the controller.

Load shows 0.7w because I don’t run any loads directly off the LOAD outputs.  I run a relay off the LOAD and run everything off that relay.  That way I can set an LVD on loads larger than that controller’s LOAD output can handle.  It takes 0.7w to hold the relay circuit closed.

Note:  Renogy rebadges the bluetooth module, and dorks the protocol on their controllers so you can’t use the cheaper original.  You have to buy their unit just like you have to buy their MT-50.  /end of rant about an otherwise-decent company.