los perros

I’m going to have to start doing these the day I work with the beasties, b/c I can’t remember their names a week later…  mostly.  Good news is we got all the big housebroken dogs walked.

Yet another happy pit.  This one was goofy and affectionate.  Ready for a home.

This pitty doggo had a base-of-tail injury with stiches, hence the cone:

He wouldn’t look up for the pic because he really, really had to pee.

This lovely brindle female was very skittish, and was afraid every touch was going to mean pain.  :-(  After about 15mins she stopped flinching as bad.

This rottie-looking dog was a mix, and was surprisingly light under all that fur.  I have no idea what the mix was.  Black lab?

Ready for a home.

This gentle, intelligent was maybe half GSD and part belgian malanois.   Kind face and expression.  Ready for a home:

As is my habit, I walked through the small and medium kennels on the way out.  I sat down with one chihuahua/terrier (?) mix and Pepe immediately jumped in my lap from about 2’ away.  Luckily he didn’t weigh very much:

If I were starting my snowbirding retirement that day Pepe may have gone with me.  Terrific ears on this one.

THIS beast is half Xoloitzcuintli (mexican hairless, the full size one not the mini) and husky.  Snow dog + desert dog, oh my.  That’s a distinctive coat for sure – some parts naked and some with long hair.  Great ears.

By this point I was tired and my knees/ankle were starting to hurt.  I pushed on to one more dog.

The pit had that combination that just breaks your heart.  49% terrified and 51% desperate for affection.  I sat down and he ran into the back part of his pen.  Then he peaked his head around and started crawling over on his belly.  His expression clearly revealed the decisions he was making, about 5x a second.

He got within arm’s length and started to sniff and duck.  When I reached out he flinched hard and withdrew.  He had many teeth scars on his face and muzzle and ear damage.   I won’t hazard a guess as to what was going on with him before, but it wasn’t good.

He never got completely comfortable but towards the end he was leaning into my hand for more touches and put a paw on me:

He’s a sweet dog that deserves a loving home.  I am sure it will take him a long time to fully trust again, but he’s already willing to try.