bee in my bonnet

I set up in the Organ Mountains - Desert Peaks national monument for the next couple of days.  We are on call due to weather threats in the far reaches of our district, so I have to be near-ish work.  It’s about an hour’s drive NW of ELP.Since I am pulled forward to the front edge in this pull-out you can't really see that it is a worn area and not normal desert.

There are no facilities in BLM areas like this, just pull-offs where you can camp. I prefer it this way for a few reasons:

  • lack of amenities keeps high-maintenance folks away

  • very quiet

  • no fee

  • cannot be closed by government shutdown.  Yes, on my way in I saw signs on a fee-to-enter area:

also literal bees

When I set up camp (ie, “put out a stool to use as a van step, pick up pre-existing litter”) I noticed a couple of bees doing a high speed fly-by.  I guess they have to cover a lot of ground out here because resources are so scarce.

I returned to the van and set up the internet configuration.  2-3 bees kept popping into the van and leaving again.  Most stayed for only a few seconds but one misguided bee entertained himself by reapeatedly landing on the top of my head.

NOTE:  I hate bugs or anything else landing on me.  The sensation of barely-there touches on my skin makes me crazy in A Bad Way.  The fact that they are bugs does not bother me, though.

I am pro-bee and didn’t want to kill one if not needed.  Still, it was increasingly bothering me.  I noted the location of the fly swatter but didn’t pick it up.  After a few more carrier landings the bee flew down the back of my shirt.  I smacked him through the shirt and the errant bee problem was resolved.  Took off my shirt and shook the wadded bee out.  Sorry little dude, I tried to wait you out.