Christmas day, boondocker Steve

[Note: testing an offline editor here. I don’t know if this will post or if it will blow up. Maybe both.]

Merry Christmas solstice kwanzaa hanukah, and many I am forgetting.

It is very quiet today in my desert spot, which keeps me happy. While hiking yesterday I met Steve, who was boondocking a couple hundred yards further down the dual-track. He had a 4wd pickup and an older slide-in truck camper which suited his needs very, very well. Like me, peace and solitude soothe his nerves. We had both been in the army in Germany and both had spinal injuries (C1 for him, T1 for me). Both of us had self-medicated with alcohol to control stress, and neither of us feels the need to do that anymore. Another success story for the nomadic life. It’s such a blessing.