experiment: low end tuner/PVR

![31v57fjj5ol-_sy90](https://boondockplan.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/31v57fjj5ol-_sy90.jpg)I knew the Myth setup would work, but right before I went FT I ordered a barebones tuner/PVR. $30 used off Amazon.  It’s pretty terrible but actually does work.  It’s intended to be used with a usb hard drive, but I stuck a 128GB stick in the USB slot and that worked fine.


  • very low power (6w I think) which is important for any device that will be powered on 24/7.

  • very small and light

  • physical power off (if you want it) and logical standby functions


  • does not cache EIT information.  When you change to a channel it starts D/Ling EIT information and displaying it to you in real time.  It could take 5mins on a given channel to get complete EIT for the next 6hr block.  If you change channels the info is lost and you start again.   A tiny SQLite db would make a huge difference here.

  • it’s dumb - only use EPG (guide) data to schedule shows;  it basically lets you select a show in the EPG to schedule a time-based recording.  It doesn’t know (or tell you in the schedule menu) what it is taping. It’s like programming your old VHS only you don’t have to enter date/time.   If you are willing to look up shows in a TV guide and work out scheduling conflicts on your own, it may be fine for you

  • no, seriously, it’s dumb - cannot do any kind of conflict resolution at all.  It just refuses to schedule anything that interferes.

  • cannot add a recording schedule entry from a show you are currently watching.  In other words, if you are watching a show and want to record it in the future it won’t do it because the beginning of the (current show you are watching) is in the past.  This

  • remote is actively terrible.  As in poorly laid out physically, and no UI logic at all.  Button presses are counterintuitive and maddening.

  • can get hung on channels with no (or maybe malformed) EIT, requiring a hard boot

  • not configurable

I may sound like I am beating up the little box;  I’m not.  It’s just not a good fit for my uses.