Article: MVNOs performance lags main carriers. Duh.

From this article:

If you’re using an [MVNO]( for your wireless service in the United States, you are likely saving quite a bit of money as compared to what you would pay if you were under direct contract with [Verizon](, [AT&T](, [T-Mobile](, or [Sprint]( That’s great! > > > > > > However, a new report from Canadian mobile quality metrics company [Tutela]( suggests you are getting what you pay for. In other words, you might be saving money, but your service is likely considerably worse than it would be with the host operator.

Yes, and water is wet.

This tiered pricing allows customers to buy lesser service at a significant discount.  My Verizon MVNO plan is half the cost of the Verizon equivalent, and it fits my needs perfectly.