article: van-bashing

From 50 disappointing photos show what converted van living is really like, and article on Business Insider:

Many photos of converted vans show little room for anything other than a bed and a few storage bins.

That’s kinda the point.  Humans don’t need a lot of room to live happily.  They certainly don’t need 4000sq ft mcmansions with completely unused dining rooms, etc.

Vehicles that have been lived in for a while are often a cluttered mess, packed with stray belongings and portable fans.

Houses that have been lived in for a while are pristine!

> > Travelers may buy new vans for their journeys, though it's also common to spend several thousand dollars on transforming a used one. > >

People never renovate houses.  They use them precisely as they bought them.

> > Conversion companies will remove the old seats and flooring and put new studding on the walls. > >

If only there were services available like that for homeowners.  We could call them contractors or something.

> > some dwellers choose to upgrade to a larger van > >

Such a foreign idea to homedwellers, who live in the same house their entire lives.

this decommissioned 2002 Honda Odyssey is more of a bed than a home.

Says who? Have you seen the interior of a NYC studio apartment?

While camped out in Australia, this family found a leak in their water pump.

I know, right? Appliances never break in houses.

Spills, though far less problematic, can also create a big mess for van dwellers.

Spills don’t cause messes in houses.

I could go on and on, because the article goes on and on.