movies and tv seen recently


  • Fall Guy. Loved the first 75%. The end was a drawn-out action slog. Gosling is so good. I had no previous knowlege of Blunt but she was quite good, too. I bought the relationship.
  • Hit Man. liked it.
  • Furiosa, ughhh. Seemed like a really cheap cash grab off Fury Road. I didn’t buy the performance of the lead.
  • Dune 2. Pretty, but I didn’t particularly like it. I’m not into the book[s] so maybe I am not the target audience. Would much rather watch another season of Foundation.


  • My Lady Jane - unexpectedly enjoyable. The opening scene in E01 is oddly out-of-character for the rest of the series. Weird choice. Took me a while to place the actor who plays Susannah; she’s the lead in Extrordinary (which I have really enjoyed in the first two seasons).
  • still loving most of Evil. Three main chars are fantastic and I hope to see them in other stuff.
  • We Are Lady Parts S02. Still good, but not as good as S01.
  • Constellation. Watchable Sci-Fi, but not going challenge many brain cells. Loves me some Noomi, so maybe I’m biased.
  • The Boys continues to be excellent and gruesome. Never thought I’d have symapthy for Homelander. Not buying the new Firecracker char, seems like a less-charismatic Stromfront knockoff.
  • started watching Supacell; don’t know if I’ll continue.