replacing EpEver 2210A with Victron 75|15

the EpEver problem

There are currently three issues with the EpEver 10A mppt, and not all of them are its fault:

  1. the EpEver continues to underperform in lower or rapidly-changing light. Totally it’s fault; I’ve seen this on 4 different EpEver controllers on 4 different arrays.
  2. it’s only a 10A controller with 200w of panel on it; my fault
  3. it doesn’t have voltage sensing, which I knew when I bought it.

It’s pissed me off enough to replace it.

the Victron solution

I had enough GC credit on amazon to order a Victron 75|15 solar charge controller. The 15A will handle the 200w nicely and also talk to the existing Smart BatterySense for voltage sense.

the shipping experiment

I’m having the controller and a few other things shipped to a local UPS store and will pick it up when it comes in. $5/day holding, so I’ll pick it up on the day and only pay $5 for the service. This seems like a reasonable approach when there are no Amazon lockers around, or when Amazon won’t ship something to a locker due to contents or size.