picked up the mail


I went into town and got the general delivery. Easy peasy.

cruising for markdowns

Since I was in town I walked through Smith’s to see if there were any good markdowns. There weren’t, but I picked up a pound of cottage cheese for breakfast and a snack later.

charging underway

On the way in it was overcast and I was seeing net 0.2C (~30A). On the way back from town the (still occluded) sun was higher and the cloud layer might have been thinner. Average net 0.3C (~45A), varying from 0.23C to 0.39C (~59A) as the overcast illumination varied from dark to light.

Since I knew I’d be driving I made coffee and heated water for a sinkbath off the battery bank.

overnight catchment

While I’m at it: didn’t hear any rain last night but caught another ~quart of rainwater.