summer solstice and the onset of the monsoon season


June 20th is the solstice; it’s all downhill, solar-wise, from here. :-) In theory this should be our peak harvest day in the northern hemisphere but I did not get to partake much.

desert monsoon

The monsoon began in earnest today here in Los Alamos. It’s hard to define, but think of it starting when there are multiple consecutive days of rain in the forecast. The screenshot to the right only shows a few days, but there is rain in the forecast over the next 10 days. High temps are blissfully lower on those days.

rainy day harvest

It was overcast all day and rained on and off. My water catchment snagged maybe 3qt total.

  • main array: 1.28kWh, finally finished Absorption at 1615. <- a squeaker!
  • portables: 0.41kWh