relo logistics and Amazon screws up yet again

freakin’ Amazon

Last year I unsubbed from Amazon Prime because the 2-3 day shipping value proposition had gone utterly off the rails. If they could deliver in 7 biz days I took it as a win.

I was planning to move on from Alamogordo to Capitan today, based on this timeline:

  1. Mar 27th: ordered amazon package1 for delivery on the Apr 2nd.
  2. Mar 28th: inverter died. The seller might replace it but the timeline is not clear.
  3. Mar 30th: ordered a backup inverter (1000w Amazon Basics MSW to use in the interim, or in case the 1000w PSW isn’t replaced. I’ll be gone by the 2nd, so I have it delivered to Capitan on Apr 4th.
  4. Apr 2nd: I go to Alamogordo to do errands, gas and water up, etc. Downloaded media off library wifi while waiting for the Amazon locker delivery announcement. Instead I get a notification that “yea-a-a-a-ah, we’re gonna reschedule for Apr 5th.

So my delivery in the next town is arriving the day before the delivery in this town. There is ~3 days of slop in Amazon locker pickup so hopefully I can make both happen. It would be neato if Amazon would stop with the “wait until the day before scheduled delivery to ship, then overnight it, and have it blow up in both our faces” routine.

but some successes

  • Picked up my General Delivery mail, clerk found it in about 60 seconds.
  • returned the inverter on the UPS call tag. Scrounged the box and some burlap for packing material. Zero cost to me! UPS shop was really friendly.
  • got some marked down seasoned/chunked pork for $1.10/lb. I wanted to make it Friday in the IP but will likely have to crockpot it since I only have the 300w psw inverter running at the moment.
  • got 3 #10 cans of expired (2023) Auguson Farms staples for $10. Woot! Dehydrated eggs, chicken gravy, and dehydrated cheese. I’ve had dehydrated cheese on my wishlist since kaylee told me about it, maybe two years ago?
  1. Motorola Moto Edge 2022, a used phone. My Xioami Redmi 9 has served me well but in 2023 I dropped it screen down onto big rocks several times and apparently finally compromized the digitizer layer. If it were a commodity phone I might have it re-screened for $50 but no one repairs these AFAIK.