boondocking resumed

I got my ducks in something resembling a row yesterday and departed El Paso this morning for the Alamogordo area.

opened another savings account

The replacement check arrived at the USPS and I picked it up. On the way out I got a pic of NASA’s super guppy parked in the adjacent airport. I’d seen it flying for the first time a few days earlier and seemed like the most unlikely shape for something in the air that wasn’t a blimp.

I went to Bank of America first to see if they could pre-clear the check so another slow-motion disaster doesn’t occur. The clerk (a manager filling in for someone on break, one supposes) said it was impossible. There is, in effect, no way to deposit a check without endangering my accounts. WTF.

Since I have an account at Chase I opened a savings account there and deposited the check. I hope it is drama-free.

VA meds

I went to the VA to pick up a blood pressure refill before leaving town, as this will save me remailing costs. They’d done it before but this time the clerk said she couldn’t fill the whole thing and would have to mail the rest. So not only will I have to pay for remailing but I’ll get get double-dinged by the VA for the fill. I did not scream in frustration..


Laundry was the only thing that day that went to plan.

back in the scrub desert

I am happier and Muffin is much happier out of town. I’ll be here for 14d then move on to Capitan or Albuquerque, depending on weather.