October according to Google, appointment 3/4, 3qt crockpot

October according to Google

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appointment 3 of 4

I had the third appt this morning (optometry). I made this appointment:

  1. to see if the optic neuritis in my right eye is still present
  2. to update my Rx to have another pair of glasses made at the VA. I figure I’ll drop off the Rx on my last visit, then make an appt at the glasses clinic when I get back from NE Texas.

The VA assigned me “community” (civilian) appointment since they didn’t have anything in November. The Dr was accurate and efficient but, once again, had an extremely tthick accent and was wearing a mask. I might have understood 50% of what was being said. Worse, I couldn’t get a straight answer about the neuritis

Me: [describes neuritis timing and Dx, shows pics of last scan]
Dr: I don’t think that would affect your vision.
Me: I’m not worried about it affecting my vision. I just want to know if it’s still there as a possible neurological complication..

Dr, later on when looking at eyeball pics: I don’t see anything that would affect your vision.
Me: So there is no neuritis?
Dr: Nothing that would affect your vision.
Me: [confused] So the neuritis is gone now?
Dr: There is nothing that would affect your vision.

I gave up. It was clear he was uniniterested in telling me whether or not there was neuritis in the right optic nerve. The best interpretation I can come up with is the optic neuritis is no longer present and the possibility of MS is off the table.


The Pi2 has been fighting valiantly but struggles with front/backend MythTV duties. I can’t afford a new one, then thought to find a used one on eBay. I found an 8GB Pi4 with heatsinks installed for $62 + $5 shipping. 8GB RAM is really overkill for this use but it will allow for a copious RAM allotment to the GPU, and also set the Pi4 act as a mini-PC if this laptop falls over.

The seller had 20 Pi4 in this configuration and a blockchain-related username so I suspect these were useds as heads to control ASIC miners. In this kind of setup the ASICs do the crunching and the Pi passes data between the mining pool and the hardware miner.

I’ll pick up the Pi from my mail forwarder when I get to NE Tx in about 10 days.

thrift store finds

  • 3qt crockpot to replace the 2qt and 4qt. Back to my original setup. The Crockpot 3120 is rated at 75w/150w and I measured it at 69w/134w. It was $11.99, a bit more than I’d like to pay but they have been scarce for a couple years.
  • 5c Mr. Coffee, $4.79. I’ve been having problems with my kettle lid and whistler not seating properly, leading to excessive boil time and power use. This dripper was rated at 650w and I tested it at 550w. I ran a cup of water through it; it worked as expected and shut off the boiler when the water was gone. When I make a real batch of coffee (20oz cup) I’ll report on the Wh required to run it. The numbers to beat are ~111Wh for the hotplate and kettle, and ~135Wh for hotplate and percolator. If it works well enough I’ll give away the perc and think seriously about tossing the kettle.


I made my usual coffee; it took 70Wh and 7.5 minutes. Seems to be a win.


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