first hard freeze pushes me along

The first hard freezes will be coming Sunday (23F, 24F, 24F) and a bit of snow is predicted. I’ll use this as my prompt to move further south.

I don’t have to be in El Paso until the 16th but it’ll be ~10deg F warmer there so that’s where I’m headed. Maybe to the Organ Mountains NM outside Las Cruces. About 2500ft lower there.

I’ll break camp Saturday morning (tomorrow), hit the showers at PF and head south. The trip is ~6hrs the way I drive so I might stop outside Truth or Consequences or something Saturday night and finish the journey on Sunday.

Out of curiosity I used Flattest Route to see if the shortest route would put me into unnecessarily steep mountain climbs. It doesn’t.


Stopped at BLM land outside Alamogordo for the night. Lows are forecast to be 28F and 31F which the rig can tolerate. Tempted to hang out here until daytime highs in ELP drop into the 60s. I’m guessing that will be a few days before my first appointment, which sounds about perfect. We shall see.