2023 annular eclipse vs solar harvest

observing the eclipse

This is a pic of the eclipse as projected onto the side of the van through binos.

I actually took a pic at maximum annularity but the phone crashed. And rebooted. Twice. Then when it finally came up it said the SD card was corrupted and needed to be reformatted. Nope! I shut down the phone, mounted it in linux and ran fsck on it until it was clean. Put it back in the phone and all is well (except that corrupted pic).

how the solar setup reacted

  • Just before the eclipse started (0913 local) the system was making 260w.
  • “first contact” began and the MPPT algo started thrashing around
  • at full annularity (1037 local) it was making only 26w. This lines up with the prediction of “89.6% obscuration”.
  • as of this writing (1115 local) we’re back up to 277w

Later this afternoon I’ll add a pic of the system running through Absorption. It’s going to be late since we missed out on so much production.


Local solar noon was at 12:49p, when solar peaked at 503w. The bank was up to 68% SoC.1

Absorption started at 1427, by which time solar yield had fallen to 453w. Absorption lasted for 9 minutes and ceased when charge acceptance fell to 0.103C.


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  1. I did end up boiling water and reheating some boudin off solar or SoC would have been higher.