cool morning, PF water harvest update

cool morning!

42F this morning when I got up. It’s going to bounce back up into the low 50s for a while longer but the bracing temps were nice.

Planet Fitness water

One of the benefits of stealth camping in the city (aside from daily showers!) is the ability to take water with me when I leave PF.

I recently picked up a 2L hydration bottle from a thrift and have been using that.

mysteriously-decreasing water consumption

After a week I realizized I was only using that water and not pulling more from the freshwater tank. Some days I have a dollop to decant into the aquatainer before goingback into PF for the refill.

How is that possible? I know I use about 1gal/day. The answer came to me while I was showering in PF; my water consumption isn’t reduced, it’s shifted. Chiefly,

  • sinkbath water replaced by PF showers
  • flatware and other small items that would have taken water to clean are now done in the PF shower. I bring a fork and spoon or whatever in a ziploc into the shower. Let it soak, scrub with brush, and bring back to van
  • drinking from PF fountain on the way in/out
  • etc

increasing harvest

I upgraded to a 1gal jug. I feel a little weird bringing it in, but it means my storage is gaining about 1/2gal/day.