reprovisioning and packages in Santa Fe

package run

I’d timed an Amazon Locker pick up and General Delivery pickup to come in as closely together as possible. The GD was meds from the V.A. and the amazon order was an evap system valve for the PM, some peppermint oil for mouse deterrent,1 and flavacol (the One True popcorn seasoning). I figured since popcorn is my go-to snack2 I should make the most of it.

Because of the geographical arrangement the order of events was somewhat different.

walmart run

Walmart was the closest to the boondocking spot and on the way to PF.

Normal stuff, $87.70 for the past 14 days. I did pick up some copper scouring pads to stuff around the steering column entry point where I saw a mouse once. Picked up a wedge of parmesan for luxury purposes; I cut off thin slices and eat it just like that.

PIcked up a two-brick pack of walmart cream cheese for $2.86.

I started phone updates, mapset updates, and downloads on their wifi but didn’t finish the latter.

Planet Fitness

Hit the door and resumed the downloads. Had a nice hot shower. Nice not just because I was dusty and aromatic, but because I’ve been having some pretty rough back pain the last few days.

I filled my 2L hydration jug from their filling station.


After the shower I hit the Smith’s grocery next door to make a Manager’s Special speedrun. It was a good one:

  • 4 huge honeycrisp apples for $0.99
  • some candy bars for $0.38 (butterfinger, rolo) - this kind of trash food is nice around day 10.
  • a bag of Hershey’s kisses for $1.80
  • a premade apple/walnut/cranberry salad with chicken bits for $1.10
  • since I was back in range of a Planet Fitness I was thinking about pickup up some antifungal cream in case my feet picked up something (even with shower shoes). I was pleased and surprised to see a tube of Lotrimin for $3.57. Into the shower kit it goes.

on sale

  • half-pound blocks of cheese for $1.79 (I got colby for grilled cheese and mozz to eat out of hand)
  • Bugles - still stretch for me at $2.49 but I haven’t seen them that cheap for years and so hadn’t bought any in as long. Guilty pleasure.

Smith’s had cream cheese on sale for $0.99 if you buy five. That’s a lot of cream cheese but I could make two cheesecakes and use one for toast. As it was, I’d already bought cream cheese :-( and the fridge was fiull anyway.

amazon pickup

The locker was outdoors at a gas station, my favorite kind of pickup. I unwrapped stuff and threw the packaging in the trash there.

stealth spot overnight

I found a spot near the main USPS which would have my GD package. Not a great spot but I “arrived late and left early” so there was no drama.

dog park

I saw there was a dog park in the area so we went there for breakfast. Or tried to. The two parking areas servicing the dog park are closed off so no one was there. We walked the people park instead.

USPS general delivery

After the post office opened we headed over there to see if the package had come in yet. I wasn’t optimistic, but we might get lucky.

I’d forgotten what a parking hellscape Santa Fe is around the downtown area. It was all metered and none took change. I had to download an app and set it up to park and walk inside the USPS. Grrrrr!

Luckily the package was there so I wouldn’t have to return and pay again.

my biz in town is done

I need to kill a couple more days to make the timing work for the NF land so I’ll likely stay in town and stealth. More PF showers, more PF water, and hopefully more fantastic clearance deals at Smiths.


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  1. testing by Shawn Woods showed it works 

  2. cheap, highly portable, as healthy as you allow it to be