vinegaroon, relo logistics, DIY wiring protection


first off, some nightmare fuel:


I think this is a vinegaroon, or whip scorpion. It appears to be on its back and missing the whip tail. They don’t have stingers but holy moly…

Also, a bonus tarantula bopping across the land. Apparently the mating season is September-October, so males are out looking for love. Based on body and leg color I think it is a Desert Tarantula; local media stories also talk about that species. Could also be a Texas Brown based on their distribution in the area.

Muffin was keen but I kept her away for her own good.

relo next week

I have a prescription at the remailer; trying to have it sent to General Delivery in SFE so I can pick it up. When I get confirmation it’s mailed I’ll pull the trigger on my Amazon order that’s been sitting around for months. Hopefully I can stealth 2-3 days in town to snag both, reprovision, and head to the next spot.

the next spot

Going to try to bounce to the BLM land a couple hundred yards away. I’ve always wanted to exploit this kind of NF<->BLM setup but the temps hadn’t cooperated before now. I might get another month here before it’s cool enough to drop to ABQ.


Defintitely not going to come in <$400 this month; guessing $600. The Amazon order is $38.80. And on my last reprovisoning run I stocked up on some stuff in bulk:

  • 50lb dog food
  • 8lb short grain rice
  • 3 tubes of my favorite toothpaste, since it was much cheaper by the oz in a three-pack. I keep one in the gym bag and one in the van so having 3 isn’t crazy.
  • etc

protecting the wiring

Some A-hole dumped a vacuum cleaner out here on NF land. It had long corrugated hoses which gave me an idea:

DIY looms

I cut a couple pieces off, disconnected wiring, and slid the hose over the two pieces of exposed wiring I could see (left and right side of the pic). It’s not perfect but better than nothing.

No sign of mice here, but I’m paranoid now. I have the hood up and visually inspect every time I pass.


I cut some slices off the sausage chub I cooked, and heated up some of the discount English Muffins. I cut three patties in halves and used three halves in each muffin.That and coffee made a pretty decent breakfast.


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