rain, nonsense on stilts

actual monsoon rain

Got my first real monsoon rain of the season yesterday. Caught ~8 gallons during the day and another ~1 gallon overnight.

nonsense on stilts

Jeremy Bentham once critiqued a political concept1 as “nonsense on stilts”.

An example of this from vanlife might be

  1. I want to do something stupid
  2. In the stupidest possible way

Case in point from reddit: dude is going to spend $1,199.00 on a Bluetti AC200P solely to run a Keurig coffemaker off-grid. He will not do the math to find out whether or not it will work:

I don’t want to do that and likely am not going to… I do not want to do that… I’m not asking how to figure out how to do this… I literally did not ask how many watts it takes, nor did I ask how to figure out how many watts it takes… Y’all are acting like I’m being unreasonable and tantruming on the floor with my fingers in my ears.

IDGAF if the dude squanders his money, or if whatever he buys will brew coffee. He hasn’t given any thought to recharging the Magic Box so I won’t either.

IMO it’s further evidence of the brainworms that “solar generator” marketers have given the van-curious.

  1. “That which has no existence cannot be destroyed – that which cannot be destroyed cannot require anything to preserve it from destruction. Natural rights is simple nonsense: natural and imprescriptible rights, rhetorical nonsense, – nonsense upon stilts. “