a busy relo

leaving alamagordo

My 14d at ~5800ft on Mill Ridge overlooking Alamagordo was nearing the end and temps were climbing. I picked my next spot and started planning the reprovisioning/relo.

planet fitness

The PF in Alamogordo is probably the the worst-maintained I’ve seen in the US so far. I was there two weeks apart: no soap, no hot water (at all), no front doorhandle.


I made a food run to wally world in town. Very few clearance meats so I only got a couple of those.


The walmart gas station next door has a water spigot so

  1. before arriving I filled my aquatainer from the main tank
  2. then filled the main tank with the potable hose

and threw away the two plastic WM bags of trash I brought back to town.


I did one load of laundry at the Busy Bee coin op. They didn’t have small frontloaders so I used an old-fashioned toploader. The top-loading ones seem to be rougher on my clothies, more tears.

picked up General Delivery mail

I picked up GD mail at the USPS; vehicle tags registration and two pieces of near-junk. I only had those sent along because I needed the TxDMV mail.

picked up Amazon packages

The Amazon counter was only a block away so I walked there from the Post Office.


By 10am I was on the road and I made it to Capitan by 11:30am.

more General Delivery mail

This batch included a VA bill and renewed CHL.

The VA charges me $15 per fill, so I asked them if they could double up on one fill or convert it from 5mg to 10mg and I could break them; either approach would save me $15. Sure, they said.

They delivered 2 separate bottles and I had a sinking feeling that meant I’d get billed 2 x $15. That’s what was in the bill I just picked up. Yay, bureaucracy.

camping outside town

I am a few miles outside Capitan at 6150ft. Not much higher but kind of a gateway location to higher spots in the Lincoln NF. There is also a BLM campsite (water, electric, and plain pads) It’s $5 day use fee but half-price for folks with Access Passes. So I will probably be profligate with water the next 14d, refilling for $2.50.


It’s warm today and tomorrow, but I’ll take advantage of the picnic tables at this free site to do an annual cleanout of the van. It’s when I find everything that had gone missing…

Just saw the first raindrops, first in months unless I am forgetting something.


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