Visible moving users off proprietary cloud

Visible is Verizon-owned MVNO. For whatever reason Visible data used to route through some kind of cloud that Visible (or Verizon) maintained. Visible is doing away with that and moving people to direct Verizon service.

The old plan (Visible Classic hereafter) was $40 - $15 party pay = $25/mo. The new one is nominally $30 or $45 for Plus (first 50GB without deprioritization and some different 5G bands). They sent emails to existing party pay folk to get them to skooch over:


I took the bait and the sent out the new SIM. It activated with no drama. The only annoyance is it requires their app to activate.

Since this SIM is reported not to work in routers I kept it in the phone and rotated the Red Pocket Tmo SIM into the Cudy LTE router.


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