mud pots, Feb according to Google, Wister to Coachella to Chiriaco Summit

February 2023 according to Google

so says google

Pretty good, other than the non-existent trip to San Jose.

mudpots at Wister

boat  ramp wading muffin reads the sign viewing platform active inspection

The area is famous for a roving mud puddle and many smaller “mudpots”. These appear to be caused by CO2 rather than geothermal heat pressure.

We walked out using a separate path and came across an unfenced pot that was wetter and more active. Muffin needed to inspect:

short youtube clip


Many short stays and moves. Not wasteful since they are all headed in the intended direction.

Wister to Niland boat ramp

The Niland boat ramp is a an unofficial campsite at an abandoned boat ramp (surprise!) at the Salton Sea. All of the structures there appear to have been pit toilets and similar.

steel drops origami graffiti filled in with sand sign wormy graffiti in a field

Niland boat ramp to Coachella

I had an Amazon counter pickup in Coachella and intended my mail to meet me there. The mail was delayed so I ended up staying a few extra days and stealthing in town. It all came together after lunch and I headed toward the next stop.

Coachella to Chiriaco Summit

old pumps model T tire chassis

There’s not a lot in Chiriaco Summit: a cafe, gas station, an old gas station and a tiny community. The vehicle behind the old pumps appears to be a Model T-era truck since it still had wooden spokes.

There is also a General Patton memoria museum and a bunch of tanks. $15 admission, though. I’d scrape it up if I had some special interest but I don’t.


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