How is it August already?

August snuck up on me.

July, according to Google

july 2022

LOL, not exactly but close enough that I’m pleading the 5th. Regular in Flagstaff is getting down to ~$4.50 but it’s still too high to do discretionary driving. Hoping to see <$4 by the time freezing temps come to this area in earnest.

Parks is east of Flagstaff, BTW.

brief respite from rain

2.5 days of no rain, then back to the rain filling out the 10-day forecast. I don’t really mind as my water catchment is just about dry.

In the meantime I am soaking up the sunpower. At 11am the battery bank was getting 500w+ net (after electrical loads are taken care of). Bank is 100% SoC right now so I will reheated leftovers in the rice cooker for lunch.

standing water

drowned timber tank muffin, uboat commander filled

Previous rains mean road ruts and formerly-dry tanks have water in them. This is good for the free-ranging cattle, wildlife, and for Muffin’s wading pleasure. Unfortunately the standing water has been around just long enough for mosquitos to hatch. I really hate mosquitos and today’s mission is to find the DEET hiding somewhere in the camper.

On one FR campers have filled lowest/wettest spots with rocks and pine needles (last pic). It seems to be working.


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