Palm Canyon and relo to Kingman

Day 14 of our stay was arriving soon, and a temperature spike into the 80s helped provide motivation to go up in latitude and/or elevation.

Day 13 - Palm Canyon, KOFA

view from Palm Canyon

This is the view from Palm Canyon, the feature I was walking toward the other day. It’s a crevice in a giant piece of rhyolite that was pushed up; some of the strata near the palms are nearly vertical.

The path ends at an elevated viewpoint of the palms, marked by a sign. The trees are not so obvious since they grow in a steep, narrow, vertical-walled side ravine which is in shadow nearly all of the day. They are about 700 feet distant from the viewpoint, and 400 feet higher. – americansouthwest

looking good

The palms look healthier than in my last visit; all look good and I think there are two younger palms down below now.

The hike from the parking area (curlicue white strip in first pic) to the viewing point is 1/2 mile. Moderate rise but some areas with loose gravel and loose rocks. I’d encourage two trekking poles due to loose footing.

Day 14 - relo to Kingman


I stopped at RV Pit Stop in Q to get propane ($3.00/gallon) and fill the water tanks. The price had rising from $2 to $4 to fill a campervan. Maybe seasonal pricing?

I noticed in Q regular unleaded was well into the $4 range. I had 300mi of range left so no need to tank up. Google suggested prices were lower in LHC anyhow.

I drive at retirement speeds anyhow but fuel costs made me more willing to set the cruise even lower.

Lake Havasu City

LHC has a Planet Fitness. It was a check-in cluster but the shower was welcome. After that I hit walmart for groceries. There were a few more empty spots and prices a little higher but my overall spend was still in the $100 ballpark.

Unleaded was $4.95, the highest I’ve seen outside California.

Day 1 - Kingman (4,500’)

fan motor

I picked up the replacement from General Delivery, and noticed unleaded was a good deal cheaper in Kingman than LHC: $4.55.


Our new spot is in a small BLM spur outside Kingman.
The additional 3k’ means a welcome drop of ~10deg F. In this pic some of the higher peaks still have snow on their shaded northerly faces:

kingman blm

There are rocks everywhere that look suspiciously like petrified wood. Could be. The Petrified Forest NP is about 250mi to the east at the same latitude and similar elevation.


I finished off some dill pickles and poured off most of the juice. Added some beet juice from a can of pickled beets and added a bit of apple cider vinegar. I hardboiled six eggs from walmart run, peeled them and plopped them into the concotction. It’s not preservation in any normal sense (not enough acidity) but a way to get some color and flavor into the eggs. I’ll eat them up over the next couple days.

Found some country-style pork ribs1 on clearance at walmart. I laid them on top of some cleaned and oiled potatoes in the crock, seasoned, and turned them loose for 5 hours on HI. Hopefully it’ll make a good dinner, with some of the pork flavor infusing into the taters. I was going to cook the potatoes anyhow so the meat is coming along for a free ride…


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  1. i.e. pork shoulder