2021 summary from Google and Amazon

Google Maps, 2021

google maps 2021

Yup, looks right.

Amazon CC cashback, 2021

you earned 20,512 points in 2021, equal to $205.12 when redeemed

Not just equal to, but actually $205.12. I applied the cashback to my Amazon Prime credit card balance each month.

You can also use the credit directly on Amazon, but this misses the opportunity to get 5% back on the total ($10.26 in this case). $10 isn’t a ton of cash but for folks with bigger expenses it might make a difference.

the breakdown

  • $66.40 - Amazon and Whole foods. 5% back with Prime CC, otherwise 2%. <- see below
  • $49.51 - gas stations and restaurants. 2% back.
  • $89.21 - everything else. 1%

Prime going forward

Prime was $119/yr in 2021. I got $66.40 back on Amazon purchases with prime instead of $26.56 without Prime. From a purely monetary point of view Prime cost me $79.16 for 2021. In previous year[s] Amazon had a Veteran’s Day discount for prime renewal. Half price, IIRC. It was not offered for 2021.

In the past Prime shipping meant free 2-3 day shipping. Those that follow my tales of woe have seen it takes more like a week for me to get stuff now. AFAIK non-Prime orders can be sent to Amazon hubs and lockers.

I have enjoyed Prime Video, especially the Data Saving feature for viewing on phones.

Unless Amazon offers vet discount in 2022 I suspect I will not renew it. Rumor is the price is going up to $150/yr and I won’t pay that for 7-day shipping. If they they do offer the discount at $119 I’d save about $20 with Prime, and at a half-price $150 it’d be about a break even deal.

Amazon affiliate income, 2021

$ 243.11

The goal for the affiliate links is to cover the costs of the virtual server that runs this site, the RVwiki, and a couple nonprofit organization websites. 2021 is, I think, the first year that completely covered those costs. I’d run the site[s] anyhow, but it’s nice to not go negative to do so.

While I was in there poking around I saw Jan 2022 numbers and they are on track with Jan 2021.


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