weather forecasts and logistics

People who are already living in vehicles already know this stuff; I’m tipping my hand so the van-curious can see how I make decisions.

This screenshot is from Tuesday, Dec 14th.


High temperatures range from 62F to 72F, well within my comfort range.

Overnight temps in desert areas tend to drop quite a bit but low temperatures forecast to be in the 40sF with a jaunt into the 30s. Perfectly fine.


There was rain on the 14th, and clouds predicted for the 15th. I chose to run my errands in Tucson on the 14th so the alternator could help charge the battery bank.

The 16th-20th looked good for sun, so I planned crockpot meals on those days. Since it’s cooler cooking inside will add a bit of welcome interior heat.

  • 16th - baked potatoes (crockpot hours, 5h x 150w = 750Wh
  • 17th - reheated leftover potatoes for burritos (crockpot, 0.5 hrs x 150w, 0.5 hrs x 75w = ~113Wh)
  • 18th - hard-boiled eggs (rice cooker, 0.5 hours x 300w = 175Wh
  • 19th - planned red beans in crockpot, 5h x 150w = 750Wh
  • 20th - planned rice or other grains in rice cooker

The 21st-23rd look overcast so I will probably head toward the Greater Quartzsite Area in that timeframe. The alternator will do battery charging heavy lifting.


Wind doesn’t show on this simple view. In general I dislike windy conditions, unless they are tailwinds while relocating.

changing forecasts

In reality it was 100% overcast all day on the 14th/15th, so it was a good thing I did my errands on the 14th.

It got much colder last night; it was 30F this morning and the dog’s waterbowl had a frozen disk in it. Overcast still forecast starting the 21st so relo in that timeframe is still my plan.


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