a visit to DFW for thanksgiving

I have been offline for the past week because I was in transit to and from DFW. Driving so much is unusual for me; I budget one tank of gas per month.

In roughly chronological order:

eye exam

I had to wait on the eye exam from the “community care” (outsourced) partner. The exam itself went ok, with a young and talented opthamalogist (sp?).

I got my updated prescription, which was the purpose for the visit. They scheduled another appointment because there was an anomaly in one eye. Probably nothing to worry about. Eye pressure is good on both sides.

Apparently the VA will provide (or pay for) eyeglasses for people in my VA rating but the process is not transparent. So to speak. Currently working the system. It would be easiest if I could just buy them and have the VA reimburse, but who knows.

the drive to DFW

It’s 10-11 hours according to Google but I drove it over three days to avoid fatigue and discomfort. Get tired, pull over.

About halfway there I noticed my hands were feeling sticky on the steering wheel. The hygrometer confirmed I was re-entering Normal Humidity (gasp!). Me no likey.


I got to spend time with the immediate family and also members of the extended family who live nearby. My sister hosted tgiving and Muffin got to play with her dog in the back yard.

The weather was cloudy and even rainy while I was there.

the drive back

Since I am putting off the great loop I headed back to El Paso. The drive back was uneventful, just long. Gas prices spiked after thanksgiving, which I thought was odd.

winter plans

I am hoping eye appointments don’t keep me in ELP after freezing weather sets in. The battery warmer is holding the lithium at a comfy 59F but I don’t like being cold. And I really don’t like getting caught in freezing precip.

As soon as the eye stuff is taken care off I’ll start slowly heading toward the Quartzsite area for winter. I’ve started a dinky RVwiki article about Quartzsite to share with first-timers. I’ve been in cities for a month and I am ready to get back to the boonies.


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