planned relo: Santa Fe NM

This Taos stop was a holdover until temps dropped enough for comfort in Santa Fe. According to the 10-day forecast daily highs in SFe will drop to 80F by Sunday.

Still in the 90s in ElP, so it seems decreasingly likely I’ll be in ElP by Oct 2nd as hoped for.

appointment setting

Being in SFe with decent cell coverage will mean I can actually use the phone to make some appointments.

  • Albuquerque - FCA dealership that didn’t fix the P06da oil pressure switch in March. I couldn’t put it back in the shop then because my 1st covid vaccine does was waiting in ELP. This was back when you had to scramble to get the shot.
  • El Paso VA -
    • eye exam
    • shingles vaccine
    • physical
    • renew prescription for migraine meds

I might actually pick up an OTA signal to feed the Pi-based DVR, or maybe that has to wait for Albuquerque.

package pickup

I have an amazon package being delivered to SFe on Thursday the 23rd. An electrical switch, some USB-C cables, and a cover for my vintage 1960s Gillette safety razor.

Planet Fitness

I rejoined Planet Fitness black card as for the next 12 months I’ll be doing more city stealthing than boondocking proper.

I was pleased to see the join can be done online now, and dues can be paid with CC rather than checking. Not only does that simplify my budgeting but will also generate ~$17.50 in CC cashback over the year. Not a ton of money, but every little bit helps.

waypoint maintenance

I spent a few hours correcting/adding elevation data to my boondocking waypoint CSV. I found a site that generates elevations from lat/long, using a Digital Elevation Model, one supposes.

dinner: wagyu meat loaf

I was at Wally World there in Alamosa and saw a 1lb package of “Wagyu” beef in the markdown aisle ($3.50/lb down from $6/lb or so. I figured if anything the fat percentage might be higher which tends to make good meat loaf.

Note: American “wagyu” is more likely a wagyu-angus cross, minus the possibly-apocryphal Japanese singing and massage.

It turned out quite nice, but I’m not going to seek it out at full price.


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