rainy day movies

It’s been raining so much the past two weeks that Muffin and I burned through a ton of movies, streamies (?) and classic TV.


  • black widow - an uninspired movie, but wow is Florence Pugh terrific. Saw her first in Little Women, then in Midsommar. Her comic chops in BW are the best part of the movie.
  • army of the dead - uniniteresting other than the anti-zombie hyperviolence, and the surprisingly good job by Dave Bautista. Been watching for him since I first saw his work in Hotel Artemis. I’d never seen him before that. Sorry, wrestling fans!


  • behind her eyes - excellent acting, so-so story, ludicrous ending
  • made for love - paranoid scifi about Big Tech. Pretty good.
  • we are lady parts - engaging and consistently-funny series about an all-girl Muslim punk band in the UK. Only 6 episodes.


  • finished all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Love Willow, Spike, and Anya. The others were wearing on me by the end.
  • started Angel (BtVS spinoff), just started season 2. Love Angel and Wesley, and the theme song is epic. Annoyed by Cordelia, Darla, and Gunn. Wish I weren’t so thirsty for Detective Kate. Can’t wait for more Lorne and Fred. Dreading the appearance of Connor.
  • Picking up episodes of House and Burn Notice when I need a break from Angel/Buffy. House is excellent, and Burn Notice is a guilty pleasure

most anticipated

Eagerly awaiting new seasons of Killing Eve, Watchmen, Westworld, Star Trek: Lower decks, Barry, and What We Do in the Shadows.


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