rainy day

Today it is rainy and so evenly overcast I could not point to the sun even if you gave me a $20 to do so.

Let’s compare harvest:

sunny day (last week) rainy day (today)
0720 - 91.6w -
0730 - 153.2w -
0810 - 250w -
0830 - Vabs==14.7v reached, output dropping -
- 0845 - 36.1w
- 0900 - 65.1w
0930 - 450w (recovery after starting crockpot on HI/150w, settled down to ~350w) -
- 1015 - 77.1w

Going to climb back into the bunk with Muffin and fire up the Kindle. Because of the chill I’m running the heated mattress pad for her (~13w) and I’d like to partake in that, too.


The sun came out briefly at 1530 and was enough to get the bank to Vabs 14.7v. Interestingly, sitting at Float-like voltages all day meant that when the system reached Vabs the bank was only accepting 8A, about half what would if charging were more aggressive.

This corroborates what MaineSail observed in his How Fast Can AGM Be Charged? article: lower rates of charge means

  1. getting to Vabs slower
  2. but decreases Absorption duration


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