upcoming relo, controller replacement


I’ve been watching the wildfire data and think my next move will be to Leadville, CO. The sites are supposed to be busy but at least I will be at decent elevation. It looks like it will be at least 10deg F there, maybe 20deg.

I’ll stop in GJ tomorrow (hopefull for the last time ever) to pick up the controller, the Amazon package, refill water, do a bit of laundry, and some pantry items.

controller replacement

This has been a source of stress for me. I’ve been trying to figure out a good resolution with the seller and it’s been dragging on.

At one point they offered to send new wire terminals that could (one supposes) be replaced on the board. I had declined because I didn’t bring the soldering iron with me in the van, and doubt my abilities anyway.

Then I realised I actually had a use for a second controller (see below). I could have this one worked on locally at an electronics shop for the same amount it would cost to ship the heavy bastid back for replacement. Same outlay, but but less hassle with shipping to a nomad on the road.

The repaired controller would be a backup for the main one, of course, but while waiting it could replace the 10A mppt I use now as part of the DIY converter / portable panel project:

  • 15 24v DC power supply -> battery A/B switch -> MPPT input
  • portable panels -> battery A/B switch -> MPPT input

The existing 10A is undersized for both uses, but I’ve been running it because I have it. Shore power charging (if I ever encounter it again) would be greatly increased from about 140w to 360w, and solar max from the two portable panels would climb from 146w to ~166w.

I hope it works out.


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