sweet potatoes and waterfall cardio

sweet potatoes in the crockpot

I bought a couple pounds of sweet potatoes when I was in town and wanted to test-drive them in the crockpot. I got a late start (1pm) but figured 5 hours would be enough time on LO.

sweet potatoes

following the creek

Muffin and I headed down to Whitewater Creek to see if we could follow it down to where it falls off the mesa. Muffin got in some wading time before we started looking for a path:

Muffin in Whitewater Creek

We did find a trail leading to an opening and could see the dropoff:

the falls

We walked around the area but didn’t get very close to the edge. It’s a few hundred feet down and the spray blows back up top.

daredevil Muffin looking into the valley heartrate slightly elevated nervous

I didn’t like being that close, especially with this wild dog attached to me. We had enough and headed back.

sweet potato dinner

By 6pm (5 hours cooktime on LO) rainclouds were obscuring the sun and I could no longer run the crockpot off the panel. It was time to eat the sweet potatoes one way or another.

They were barely undercooked, a bit firmer than I would like. 5.5hrs would have been right, I think, had the sun cooperated. Next time I’ll do 6 hours on LO, or more likely 3 hours on HI.


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