virtual housekeeping

Temps have spiked a bit (77F right now) so I’m doing some virtual housekeeping.

killed disqus comments

disqus was problematic for several reasons so I edited out that functionality and recompiled the site. They could come back but I am experimenting with linking to a twitter thread for each post (see the bottom).

dashcam cleanout

My dashcam is an old android phone with the AutoBoy app; the paid version was a few bucks, maybe $3 at the time.

I save some clips and go back and review them later. I made a couple screencaps and updated the related blog posts.

The hand pump at Bradfield recreation site:

hand pump

The water fill station at Sundance RV park, Cortez:

Sundance RV park water fill

google maps cleanout

I’ve kept my GPS waypoints in two places so far:

  • in a Google My Maps map with multiple layers
  • in the android phone in Osmand+

My Maps overview

There are a few problems with this

  1. I wanted to have a unified collection
  2. My Maps has a limit on layers
  3. It is hard to dedupe or otherwise edit waypoints in either application

the cleanup

I ended up exporting from My Maps in KMZ format, and from Osmand in GPX. I exported from those into CSV using gpsbabel so I could edit/dedupe/etc with normal human tools. After deduping there are about 650 discrete waypoints.

I broke up the edit/deduped data into separate CSV by waypoint type (boondocking, to-see, etc) and wrote a dinky script that recombines them into a “universal csv” file annotated with column headers and exports a GENERAL and PERSONAL gpx files. I import those into both My Maps and into Osmand.

going forward

Now that the work is done going forward:

  1. edit the appropriate .csv file
  2. run the export script
  3. update google/osmand as desired

twitter thread