paracord tensioners

Eagle scout muscle memory leads me automatically to a tautline hitch for tensioning guywires but there are cases where a dedicated tensioner is easier.

  • when only one hand can be brought to bear on tensioning
  • where dust/dirt increase friction and inhibit the tautline hitch’s sliding feature
  • where you don’t want a semipermanent loop on the end of the line. A loop is fine for going around a stake but a free end is best for going around a tree limb or whatever.

half measures

I’d addressed the first two issues using what I thought was an elegant solution: little pieces of anodized aluminum with two holes and a slight bend.

They worked great but didn’t address the permanent loop issue. I could untie the overhand knot holding the tensioner on the line but the previously-mentiond dirt/friction issue often made that annoying.

a better answer

I needed more tensioners and decided to give these funny-looking ones a try.

I am completely satisfied and will replace my old ones with this style. They come completely off the middle of the tensioned line and so can go around large objects.

I bought the “20 for $10” set but if I’d known how good they were I’d have bought the “40 for $15” version.