1000 days in the van

I got tired of doing the math so a few months back I wrote a dinky shell script that calculates the number of days that have elapsed since X. I ran it today and noticed I’d gone over 1000 days since I went Full Time

1004 days boondocking
966 days on 6v GC2 bank, or $1.88217579521927348014 per kAh
170 days on Do Not Disturb

The FLA golf cart bank was installed after I went FT; the ones I had in there were a used/abused set off CL for cheeeeeep1 so the controller would have something to hang onto. In retrospect it would have been fun to run them into the ground to see how long they would last. I didn’t realize how resilient FLA were then.

The $1.88/kAh battery bank calculation assumes 50% DoD nightly. and is in line with the long-term costs of drop-in LiFePO4 like Battle Born or Renogy. There appears to be plenty of life left in the old lead batts, at which point the $/kAh will be in line with DIY LiFePO4 banks.

The Do Not Disturb number is days since Google Voice forwarding was turned off. The signal-to-noise ratio of phone calls is greatly improved.

the road so far

This is a Good Life, as the philosophers say. The van, the dog, and the finances are working out as planned. I do not miss going to work – I have plenty of projects to feed my curiousity and work ethic.

1 a little over core value