A couple of things I forgot to post recently.

awesome stove

I was eating at a restaurant on a cool day.  The biz next door was a chimney / stove store.  Lots of antique (working, not for show) wood burning stoves.  They had this wood pellet stove out front that was BLASTING hot air and appeared to be dispensing very few pellets.  Maybe one ever 10-15 seconds:


border dispute

The use of rivers as boundaries is a consistent feature of diplomacy, but the rivers do not always stay put.

In the 1800s the Rio (as locals call it) moved southward, effectively increasing US territory by a few hundred acres at the expense of Mexico.   The latter got back their land in the Chamizal treaty but ceded some other land to the US to grease the wheels.


Here is one of the places where the US border was expanded due to the offered land:


The border is in the background (the red X is well inside Mexican territory).

first tumbleweed of the season

was trying to leave work and this tumbleweed wasn’t having it