More from Lincoln NF

The trails were quite rocky. I might need boots with a stiffer sole to keep my feet from getting sore.

Was trying to get a pic of done moss rose (?) and accidentally included some scat. Some kind of goat?

Bigger scat from a ruminant? There are cows grazed here but maybe something else?

Don’t know if they are allowed but this rider rode very carefully. No wheelspin anywhere, just a few tire tracks no more damaging than my boot prints.

On this walk i was actually planning to reach the next peak. Started too late and bailed before the peak. I used the “fists from the horizon” method to judge I had about an hour of sunlight left.

I cut it a little close; by the time I could see Basecamp the sun was almost down:

I had emergency gear with me out of habit, but it was a good reminder for us solo folk to “fly three mistakes high”, as pilots say.

I had already been adjusting my exertion level to keep from overdoing it at altitude.