article: housing vehicle

from this article:

“Some people may look at it as a recreational vehicle, but for us, it’s housing,” Batcher says. “We call it our HV.” She’s sharing the “HV” with one of her 25-year-old twin sons and says operating the vehicle has had a learning curve... Operating the RV has been “complicated, but you get used to it.”

She also talks about cooking approaches:

“I’m a big crock pot fan, but it requires too much propane, and in the winter, we didn’t want to use the propane for cooking,” Batcher explains. So, she headed to Wal-Mart to buy a pressure cooker — and it’s not your mom’s old pressure cooker, either. “Pressure cookers scare a lot of people, but the new ones have great technology,” she says, noting she uses it not only for cooking but also for washing dishes.

Pressure cookers are incredibly useful in a camper.  I don’t know what she meant about washing dishes;  maybe using it as a sterilizer?

Her pic reminds me of a lot of folks at the RTR:  happy, content, and forging a good life with modest means.