Article: amortising RV internet

Here are poll results based on this question:  Would you pay extra for dependable, fast internet [at an RV park]?


Let’s take that data and see what it might look like as a monthly rate:

  • $30/mo, 20%

  • $60/mo, 21%

  • $90/mo, 11%

  • $150/mo, 11%

  • $180 - $300/mo, 2%

  • Would not pay for internet, 34%

There are reasons why this may not be a valid comparison (they already have dataplans on their phones, etc).

When I go FT I would pay $60/mo and would be ecstatic with $30/mo.  I know I won’t pay $70/mo since I cut off my DSL at that rate and am getting by on the grandfathered Verizon 3G.