FGHOW - Frater going his own way

I’ve mentioned MGTOW on this blog a couple of times and wanted to throw out some hot takes on it.  I haven’t had any coffee yet so this might be stream of consciousness rambling.


Nomads and PGTOW - people going their own way

The useful core of MGTOW is being true to oneself, living life by principle and avoiding the traps that culture, political systems, religion, consumerism, biology and gender expectations set out for us.

So in a sense nomads and ‘dwellers are People Going Their Own Way.

I think this underlies many of the “my spouse won’t travel with me” scenarios.  One of them is ready to break free and the other is stuck like a barnacle to what they have gathered over time.

What MGTOW gets right

When I talk about MGTOW I mean something like PGTOW above.  I think that kind of independence is healthy.

MGTOW is at its best when it focuses a critical eye on irrational and unreasonable norms, on the subtle and obvious ways people are maneuvered into subservience to ideas, to governments, to other people.

The weird pushback MGTOW gets from both men and women is related to the reaction vandwellers get from housed folk.  In both cases the inflamed party is triggered by the subconcious realization that they are dupes and could have chosen differently.  So they lash out at the folks who evaded (or climbed out of) the crab bucket.

“Feelz > realz” is a travesty.  No one can be held responsible for what someone else feels or believes.

Do the cost/benefit analysis for everything.  If something is a financial or emotional black hole, consider casting it off.

What MGTOW gets wrong

  • there is way too much talk about women in MGTOW.  Men, go your own way and let the women be.  I am reminded of the Zen story about the two monks and a woman at the river crossing.

  • obsession with cartoonish masculinity.  MGTOW is often weirdly homophobic, probably because they don’t want the outside world to think their rejection of relationships is due to latent preferences.  Men, accept your brothers.

  • obsession with right-wing politics, which is probably an aspect of cartoonish masculinity above.

why this post today

It was this quote in this article:

The consequences of having too many men, now coming of age, are far-reaching: Beyond an epidemic of loneliness, the imbalance distorts labor markets, **drives up savings rates and drives down consumption**, artificially inflates certain property values, and parallels increases in violent crime, trafficking and prostitution. {**emphasis** added}

First - no editor would approve the headline “too many women”.  Hordes of enraged SJWs would descend on them.

Second - men’s decreased access to women “drives up savings rates and drives down consumption.”  LOL, what does this tell us about dating and marriage?

Gentlemen:  what would your life be better or worse if:

  • if you got to do what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it

  • had more savings

  • had fewer throw pillows and china cabinets?

Seriously.  Think about it.

Going to make coffee now.