Backchannel: seeking simple and correct answer

from this ill-fated thread:

I had a 300w Renogy Solar system installed at the Van build but I only had one battery hooked up. I have now bought a second battery to install into that system. I do not know how to do this. Do you have a simple answer that I can understand and follow as to how to install the second battery.

There is no way we can know what the OP can understand and follow.

Given that there are hundreds of forum posts on connecting two batteries, and thousands of youtube videos on the same topic, it’s clear OP hasn’t put much effort into it.

Please...NO GUESSING...

The only way to get the right answer for sure is to learn it for yourself.

this was a very expensive system to install.

That seems….  unlikely.

I appreciate all of our community and the vastness of knowledge here.

Just do what I say, and do it right.  Or I’ll blame you for anything that goes wrong.

See why I’m sitting this one out?

I really have to get this right the first time.

I am starting to think the essential personality trait for #vanlife is grit.  Fear is the enemy.