Backchannel: more “pointless bickering”

from this thread:

Are you under the impression that cellphone radio waves are more or less harmful than WiFi?

There is no point trying, John.  “You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into”.

...I would like to share what I do know about getting and using the internet in the hopes of informing a person that did not know how to while on the road. The thing is I doubt a new person would get to this point and see it.

No one’s replies are louder than any others.  Share what you know or link to other resources. No big deal.

Any new person lured into this thread would have already been buffaloed by OP’s tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

They would see a lot of pointless bickering and very little information that is usable.

BS.   Correcting glaringly obvious delusions is hardly pointless.  Allowing it to stand does a disservice to newcomers.

All (non-OP posts before that response had usable information in them).

This is too bad because the title of the thread implies so much more.

It was mis-titled by OP.