backchannel: express engines, bias

from this post:

I am concerned that broad generalizations about engine configuration or displacement can mislead newbies into ruling out options that might be a good fit for them.

This is one of my biggest concerns about CRVL in general;  personal preference and bias presented confidently as fact.

I tried to hint at this in my first response to the thread:

V6 versus V8 is a holy war along the lines of 9mm vs .45, synthetic vs. dino, etc.  I'd compare reliability and MPG if I were making the decision on economy.

Two part statement:

  1. answers in the thread are likely going to be subjective but presented as if they are objective

  2. here is what I would consider if I wanted to make an objective decision

It was entirely predictable that someone would say “bigger is better” in the resulting conversation.  Really?  So you chose the GM 8.1L engine?  No, why not?  Bigger is better, right?  Oh, the smaller v8 is all you needed?  Odd, that’s what the v6 guy said, too.

See what I mean?  Opinions stated as fact (and often in bumper sticker terms) are suspect;  unfortunately newbies don’t know that yet.