from this thread:

1) You can't park your rig in a residential neighborhood, EVERYONE gets suspicious, nobody wants a random in a van or RV around their kids in their own neighborhood. You have to park in a place where no one will care, not near homes or schools or children.

Security theater. They project fear on The Other because it is too disturbing confront the reality that child abuse is usually perpetuated by family or other known actors.

The ordinances are there because of the few that totally blow it.

The ordinances are there because [url=https://www.amazon.com/Homevoter-Hypothesis-Influence-Government-Taxation-ebook/dp/B005INYLRC/]homeowners have an outsized influence on local governments[/url].

Homeowners do have the right to not have some POS parked in front of their house.

Why would homeowners have the right to stop someone (POS or otherwise) from parking on a public street? <– serious question.