backchannel: modern shade

My thoughts on this thread:

There is no magical modern tech to make panels shade-resistant.  There are bypass diodes and there are amorphous panels whose cell geometry means they are harder to cover completely.

  • “Most modern panels do not have this problem” is wrong.

  • “if you have a modern panel every cell works on its own” is wrong.

  • “The newest panels are destined around the structure of leaves” is wrong.

People who make unforced errors like this (presenting nonsense or unsubstantiated things as if they are true) are called bullshitters.  They are often found in the sales community. Listening to (and arguing with) bullshitters is a waste of time because they are not interested in knowing; they are interested in talking.  The best we can do is correct the record so spectating newbies aren’t misled.

I’d blocked this bullshitter before and, in a moment of poor judgement, unblocked him. He is still bullshitting.