garage sale finds: ceramic heater, vacuum

I’ve been looking for a couple items on the thrift store / garage sale scene.

ceramic heater

s-l1000My understanding is that ceramic heaters put out the same amount of heat but the elements themselves run at a lower temperature.  Supposed to be safer.

I wanted one that had at least one setting below 1000w, since that is how much of 15A shore power I allot for non-charging loads.  (The converter consumes the rest)

Mission accomplished:  Patton PCH4199 ceramic heater for $2.  I ran it on the kill-a-watt and it has a low setting of 750w.


il_570xn-722995734_lyp2I have heard many ‘dwellers say it is easier to vacuum than to sweep in a van.  I was thinking about one of those “bucket head” wet-dry vacs but ran into this little Dirt Devil for $2 at the same garage sale.  Works fine.

I got a dinky 300w inverter to run cordless drill chargers and I’ll run this off that if needed.  The inverter claims to be PSW but I suspect it’s a smoother MSW.