Promaster after my own heart

Winston in this thread on Promasterforum has his RV set up in some of the ways I’ve been thinking about.   Glad to see someone doing it so I can see how it looks and learn from their experience.

32381778274_fc2f267932_bThe first thing is that it’s “paneled out”, carrying about as much solar as is practical.

This is 3x Kyocera 270w panels on top of a 159” van, about what I want to mount.  This illustrates that the 139” wb model could probably only carry 2 panels of that size.  Could I live with 600w of nominal solar instead of 900w?  Yes, but I’d like to be able to harvest power in marginal conditions.

The only difference with my idea is I think I will move the panels forward and have a maxxfan retractable at the rear.  That way air from the windows/doors will flow throughout the van.

Here are his swiveling, low-rise  captain’s chairs.  The low rise part is critical becau32382554356_ca5a5eaaeb_cse the Promaster’s seats are already set quite high and the swivel mounts add another 1.5” or so.

He went with SWIVELS-R-US swivels made for the Promaster.  They carry mounts for other Eurovans, too.


Update:  I knew I was leaving something out.   Here is an illustration of how the ‘net helps spread knowledge.

This is the first time I have heard anyone say that the roof of the PM is curved enough that one needs spacers to mount full-width solar panels.